Extinction Symbol Coasters

@extinctsymbol, the person who designed the #XR symbol, writes on their extinctionsymbol.info site –

This symbol represents the extinction crisis. Create it everywhere to raise awareness of the rapidly accelerating collapse of global biodiversity.

But there is an anti-profit catch –

Please note: In response to people attempting to use the symbol on their clothing/giftware products, and to avoid any future requests that it be allowed to be used in this manner, the following clarification is now made: Since its inception the extinction symbol has always been a strictly anti-consumerist project. No extinction symbol merchandise exists, and it never will do. The free use of the extinction symbol by individuals in their personal artwork or other forms of expression is strongly welcomed and encouraged, but any form of commercial use of the symbol is completely against its ethos and should therefore be refrained from. To reiterate, please do not use the symbol on any items that will be sold, or for any other fundraising purposes. There are no exceptions to this policy. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Hence, I’m making Extinction Symbol Coasters, not to sell for a profit, but


  • to cover expenses (tile, glaze, kiln firing, maybe postage and packing, etc), and
  • on condition that the buyer makes a donation to Extinction Rebellion and does not sell my work on to someone else at a profit

My goal is to get an #XR coaster on every desk and coffee table in the land – or in Colchester, at any rate!

To donate to XR go to fundrazr.com/XRColchester for the local group or rebellion.earth/donate for the national group.

I’m also offering workshops in how to create your own Extinction Symbol Coasters using tiles, #bathpotters brush-on glaze, as I do. Please use my email sign-up page to get in touch about this.

20190302_064936 20190302_06502920190302_065115

These are samples of my tiles, fired to earthenware temperature (1120C), 95mm square (=3.75 inch), with green baize backing.

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