Tile Painting Workshop at Makerspace

I’ll be teaching the Tile Painting Workshop

  • at Colchester Makerspace, Trinity Works 24 Trinity Street, CO1 1JN
  • on Tues 23 Apr
  • from 7pm to 9pm

To book a place go to Tile Painting Workshop and click on the link to Get Tickets. Here is the blurb:

Paint your own coaster or tile with brush-on glaze

We will be patterning and painting ready-made kitchen and bathroom tiles, using brush-on-glaze, and finishing them as coasters or personalised items like name plates or house numbers for the home, using techniques of painting, scraffito, stencils, potato prints and different types of resist. You will be able to leave at least one finished tile or coaster to be fired and collected by you at a later date.

Materials and equipment will be provided. Still, to get the most out of the workshop, you are invited to bring the following (most important items first, least important last):

  • apron
  • a few artist’s or children’s paintbrushes
  • pen, pencil and paper or notebook
  • a paint box if you have one – could be a children’s paint set or artist’s watercolour paint box
  • old towel, floorcloth or dishrag (cotton, not J-cloth)

Here are examples of tiles decorated with brush-on glaze from previous workshops:

More of my own tiles decorated with brush-on glaze are in my gallery here.

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