Sawdust-fired planters

Green tureens, 1995

From my Diploma in Ceramics,  1995, final show at Contemporary Applied Arts, when it was based in Covent Garden WC2 (before moving to 89 Southwark Street SE1), the home of fine British craft since 1948.  Sold six of my dozen pieces on display – that’s what a Covent Garden address does for your work!

Green tureen1995

Green tureen, approx diameter 25cm /10″, 1995

See more of my ‘twentieth century retrospective’ at gallery/C20

Workshops for children, 2018

Extinction Symbol Coasters, 2019 

Tiles, bas-relief or 2.5D, 201820180518_165030Sun 9cm approx 20180518 PNG

Tiles, #bathpotters brush-on-glaze, 2019

 See more at Gallery of tiles

Medallions, buttons and badges, 2019


Thrown mugs and bowls, 2018


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